Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have to laugh thinking about the little things that Claire does that "vex" her dad. ("Vex" is a favorite word around the McIntyre house. I can't remember when or why we started to use it, but it makes an appearance at least once a week, sometimes more.)

Claire just learned how to turn the TV off and on. She doesn't even really realize that she's doing it because she's not as fascinated by the TV flashing on and off, but she is magnetically drawn to the teeny blue light on the Power button. (I'm constantly amazed at the tiniest observations little ones can make.) I'm just waiting for the day that Scott is in the midst of an intense moment in his favorite racing game only to have Claire turn off the TV...hee hee....

Claire also loves to kick her legs...almost constantly....while laying on the changing table. Today I was particularly entertained listening to Scott trying to get her tights back on....hence the reason that she only dons outfits with tights on the weekends when I'm around the patiently push her wiggly little feet in and scoot them up her chubby little thighs. He got the job done, though. Ah, the things a dad has to learn to do for his little girl.

Of course, Claire vexes me sometimes, too. For instance, today I wanted her to wear a headband with bow. Unfortunately, though, I haven't been having her wear them much lately, so she was having nothin' doin' of keeping that headband on, no matter how many times I pulled her hands down, saying "Oh, such a pretty headband" with my most excited, encouraging face. Guess I'll just have to keep trying.


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