Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Almost inappropriate...

I teach a class called Basic English 11. It's a class for students who aren't so good with English (not as a second language but just reading and/or writing in general), so their attitudes aren't the greatest at times. Last week's biggest school laugh came from this class.

"Joe" is one of the most difficult students in the class. First semester his attitude was awful. He was on the receiving end of many of my "mean teacher" glares, and he's familiar with the staff in the office. If there's anyone who's going to make an inappropriate remark in class, it will be Joe. That's what makes this story even more funny (at least in my mind).

We are currently reading the book Born on the 4th of July. For those of you who don't know, it's the true story of a Vietnam vet who is paralyzed at the waist. He spares no detail in his book.

Joe was obviously into the book (which is rare, indeed, for Joe), when at one point he looks up from his book and asks me from 10 feet across the room, "What's an enema?"

I think for a moment, wondering what the best answer will be that will cause the least stir in the room. "Well, it's when they put a tube up to get rid of...." and I pause, wondering what word I should use? Poop? #2? (Of course, "solid waste" doesn't occur to me at the moment).

But while I'm mentally debating word choice, Joe blurts out, "A boner?" And I can tell that he's not trying to be a punk. He really thinks that's what I'm trying to pick the best word for.

"No!...poop, Joe, poop!" I quickly reply.

Really, did that just happen?