Friday, October 14, 2011


Yesterday was Claire's 7 month birthday....woah, time, please slow down!

It was also another milestone: Scott's first full day as "Mr. Mom." We've been super blessed by God's job provision for Scott. First, his internship was extended one month because of a coworker recovering from kidney donation surgery (very cool/random, yes). Then he worked for almost a full month contracting for Bozell. Again, an answer to prayer. So now, as he's in a "lull" between jobs and as he continues searching for a full-time position, he's taking on the role of full-time dad.

I texted about 11 am to ask how things were going. An hour later (I wasn't sure if the time gap was a good sign or not), I receive this text back: "Well, Princess only drinks her milk warm ;) if it best a bit cool it must be warmed again." I laughed out loud, thinking about the fact that Claire was already wrapping daddy around her little finger. Our babysitter has said that Claire is sometimes slow and a bit stubborn when drinking, but I know that she's just persistent in having Claire drink. Scott, on the other hand, goes to rewarm the bottle (which is sweet) in order to please his little girl.

I love, love, love watching Scott fall even more in love with his little girl. And she's pretty darn lovable, I must admit. She's a girl on the go these days, rolling and backwards slide/scooting all over the living room. She "chooses" a DVD to watch several times a day (really wish we could find the glass doors to the TV stand so we could put them back on to baby proof a bit) and loves playing with the springy doorstops in the hall. She purposefully rolls over to Shoes to pet her, but Shoes has already decided that she's not so down with that. She'd rather watch Claire from a distance. She loves standing in the exersaucer and pressing the button that plays "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"....over and over and over and can imagine how much Scott loves that :) Mirrors are sources of extreme fascination as she tries to figure out just who that adorable little girl is!

We love our little Claire-a-belle!