Thursday, December 13, 2007

Skinny Trees Have Feelings, Too

Have you ever looked at someone's Christmas tree and secretly thought, "That is one sad looking tree." I have, and I didn't want us to be those people on our first Christmas together.

We debated about having a Christmas tree. I've had a real tree every year (but one) since I've moved to Omaha, but the mess of it just didn't sound appealing this year. We're trying to be extra-responsible with our finances these days until we have a slightly better grasp on the whole job-school-student teaching thing, so buying an expensive artificial tree was out of the question. I didn't want a cheap looking artificial tree, so what were we going to do?

The first trip to Lowe's netted a very nice tree. Problem? Too fat for our semi-small living room. So back we go to find a "slim" tree. I'm not gonna lie. I'm prejudiced to those slim trees. I think they look too thin, almost a little sickly. I have a hard time picturing them as real. So we stood in the tree section at Lowe's for a good 15 minutes, debating about getting the skinny tree. "They have feelings, too," was Scott's reply to the pouty face I made at the tree that he lifted off the display shelf and put on the floor so I could "see what it would really look like."

I have no problems saying, though, that Scott was right and the tree looks great. It's the perfect size for our house. Scott laughed at me as I stood back and gazed at out happy little tree and our quaint little mantle and declared that "I love Christmas!" He thinks I'm silly...and I agree :)

Now, if only the top and bottom string of lights would stay on at the same time, the tree would be perfect....shoot, should've gotten the pre-lit one!


Today is my last official day of classwork. I handed in a mediocre take-home test about three hours ago, so I am officially done! I can't believe how fast this last year has passed. I started classes at Metro in preparation for this teaching program only a year ago, and now only (I say "only" very lightly...I realize this will probably be the most challenging part of this whole program) student teaching and one successful interview stand between me and having my very own!!

A few days back, one of my coworkers at Kohls asked how long I had been married. I had to stop and think for a bit before I answered "Nine months." Has is really been nine months already? That thought is the motivation behind starting this blog. This last year has been full of many things, both big and small, that I want to celebrate...I want to remember...I want to laugh about...I want to tell my kids. So here begins the McIntyre blog.