Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dinner is served!

You mean to tell me that some people put food on their dining room table instead of Lego creations? Really? I must visit these houses and see this phenomenon! I love my husband :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


33 weeks down, 7 to go. Yikes, where did that time go? A few random thoughts to capture while sharing this picture with those who have not already seen it on Facebook.
  • I appreciate random people who make me feel cute and encouraged by being pregnant. Case in point: yesterday my students were driving me crazy. I felt like I was the perfect picture of the stereotypical crabby pregnant woman (at least my students would have said that I think). At the gym, though, not one, but two strangers commented to me how cute I looked, what a fun time this was, etc. Just what I needed on a less-than-perfect day.
  • Scott is going to be such a fun dad. This weekend we were watching "Lie to Me" online. The main character is a very intelligent, sarcastic British man (kind of like House on "House", if you are familiar with that show). Every time we watch that show, Scott feels the need to break into an English dialect, which is, in itself, highly entertaining Saturday, though, he felt the need to get right up next to my belly and talk to the the British accent. It was hilariously adorable...I just hope our son or daughter isn't disappointed to find his/her dad is not actually a British man.
  • It is the absolute craziest thing to sit and watch my stomach move, like waves moving across it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

30 weeks down, 10 to go

The arrival of the new year, coupled with the realization that I'm three-fourths of the way to meeting my son or daughter puts me in a reflective mood. Sometimes this reflection tip-toes on the edges of becoming panic, prompted, in part, by the reading of a book recommended by my midwife. Great book that I don't regret reading, but I definately can't live in denial about labor and delivery any longer.

Anywho, in order to focus on the joyous side of reflection, and to remember this sweet time when I'm a sleep-desprived, stressed out, overly emotional new mom, I offer the following list of things I've thoroughly enjoyed about being pregnant:
  • Walks with Scott. The weather's been too cold for this lately, but a month or two ago, Scott would agree to a walk every time I asked. We enjoyed looking at houses and talking about whatever was on our mind. I loved those walks.

  • Working out. That may sound like an odd item on the list, so let me explain. I like being active, but when the weather becomes disagreeable, the gym becomes a drag. I hate running on the treadmill, but I feel compelled to run because nothing else gives me quite that hot, sweaty, "I worked out" feeling like a run. Being pregnant, though, gave me an excuse to let myself off the hook. I enjoyed the walk/runs on the treadmill. I've developed a new love for the elliptical machine. Oddly, I enjoy the gym more at 6-months pregnant than I have in quite some time.

  • My doting coworkers. There's not better place to be for 8-hours a day than surrounded by people who love kids. They have been excited, supportive, and so much fun.

  • My students. Teenagers are funny when it comes to pregnancy. They are thoughtful, curious, and just generally entertaining. Having a pregnant teacher is somewhat of an oddity for them, so they've treated me very well. For that, I'm very thankful.

  • My husband. Scott's been so great about getting me a glass of water, a snack, a blanket, a kleenex...bascially anything that I want just after I've settled myself into the perfect, cozy position on the couch. I'm not to the stage where it's physically difficult for me to get up and get it myself. Most of the time I just don't want to. He probably knows that but dutifully fetches whatever I'm requesting anyway. What a great guy!

  • Not being sick. (Pause for hateful glares and remarks for those of you who cannot put this on your list...really, I wish you could, I truly do). Pregnancy has been so incredibly good to me. Sure, I've been tired and kind of nauseas, but overall, it's been really great. Feeling great is an incredible blessing that I try not to take for granted.
Just a few of the things on my mind as I reflect on the last seven months. Last 10 weeks, ready or not, here I come!